About Me


My name is Jetson. I grew up in many different states in this great country. The constants for me have been my parents and my dogs. I have been an official photographer since 1995, but have had my camera by my side since I was young. I have always loved portraits. To capture authenticity in a human is pure perfection. I am now doing pet portraits as animals truly make being human better. I love meeting new people and their pets. Pets balance our lives. They make us who we should be.

Why Photography?

Photography is the only form of communication that can capture a moment in time forever. To be able to bring your memory to an exact point in time. Treasure that moment. Words can only change events. 

My Wish

I hope you find the challenge of a portrait to be as exciting as I do. If not, I hope I can change your mind. To find and capture the truth is exhilerating. My wish is that we can work together to share this mission.